Dave Mitchell is a marine artist who creates realistic works inspired by the sea. This appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants comes from a lifetime of incredible experiences on the water. He began fishing as a young child out of the Bass River, on Great Bay in New Jersey. His first trip offshore was at about age 10. That day Dave, his dad and grandfather, witnessed a Mako nosing the chum pot before pouncing on a bluefish. Dave says that Mako, it’s demeanor and its magnificent energy are forever etched in his mind. This sense of awe has never faded.

Dave cherishes the wealth of experience gathered over four decades around the ocean. One of the goals he aims to achieve through his artwork is to help promote awareness of the need for everyone to respect natural environments and treat them responsibly. Dave has found new inspiration in his two young children and hopes that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the same diversity of life that thrives in our oceans now and believes with increased global awareness it can be realized.

Artistically, Dave has been inspired by Wyland and Christopher Channell, among many others.  Dave is self-taught and specializes in a unique style of illuminated, carved and painted glass. He also paints underwater scenes in oil and acrylic. Dave is available for custom work, and is currently offering several limited edition works, with each specific edition benefiting a different organization that contributes to the health of our ocean and its inhabitants.

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